Green T. House Living


JinR (Ms. Zhang Jin Jie) graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. In 1997, she founded GREEN T. HOUSE in Beijing, which has an international reputation as a unique blend of teahouse, restaurant, gallery, cultural venue and inspiring meeting place. Opened in March 2006, GREEN T. HOUSE Living builds on the established success of Beijing’s landmark, GREEN T. HOUSE. The bold, pavilion-like structure – inspired by Zhanguo period architecture – rises gracefully from expansive, terraced courtyards of white stone set in the vast complex. This monumental structure houses elegant and innovative interior features such as JinR designed furnishings, a huge white chimney floating over a long, slim fireplace, a community table-cum-finishing station and a polished ground white stone and crystal floor. The end of 2007 will see the opening of several additional elements to GREEN T. HOUSE Living: the Tearoom, a modern glass interpretation of the traditional Chinese teahouse; the Bath, offering contemporary renderings of ancient and traditional Chinese therapies; and the Retreat, an open-plan lodging villa.

GREEN T. HOUSE Living, New China Lifestyle, concept and design: JinR (Photos: Xiao Mei)

References: World Gourmet Summit, Singapore 2002, 2003; “Life Style Sfera Exhibition”, Beijing/Tokyo 2004; “Infinite Interior Program”, 1st Architectural Biennial, Beijing 2004; “GREEN T. HOUSE”, Chinese Design, Nasple & Asakura, Loft Publications, 2006; HD Asia, Architecture and Design Show, Guest Speaker, Hong Kong 2006.

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