Fotograf: Peter Wieler, Essen
Fotograf: Peter Wieler, Essen


The jury of the red dot design award

For Design auf Zollverein with Muscular Strength and Sure Instinct

The jury of the international design competition red dot design award is meeting 

Boxes and tools everywhere, and in between, top class dream kitchens: the most exciting phase of the year now begins for the Design Zentrum NRW – the jury of the red dot design award design competition will meet. Mounting and assembling are much in demand because everything has to be perfectly set up and ready-for-use when the jurors come to inspect and evaluate the products next week.


Currently, all kinds of design products are being delivered to Zollverein from numerous countries – from living landscapes and kitchen accessories to TV sets and cameras to cars and tools. The busy hubbub not only occupies the Design Zentrum but also an additional hall at Zollverein in order to do justice to the onrush of the competition participants.

"For me, looking behind the scenes is often as exciting as seeing a well-designed exhibition", said Professor Dr. Peter Zec, President of the Design Zentrum NRW. "It is a great deal of work, but it is comforting to know that our success is supported with so much sure instinct," he stated with regard to Klaus Hannig and Wolfgang Kunz, who were in the middle of mounting a designer lamp and making it shine. 

Despite all the work, Hannig and Kunz are looking forward to next week: then, the cars will be delivered. "There will no doubt be a few really cool cars again,” they say with hope. Somebody, after all, will have to get them out of the garage for the jurors.