Original and Counterfeit: The real International Yearbook Communication Design 2002/2003 and its illegal copy


"Plagiarius" for Copy of a red dot Yearbook

Counterfeited Yearbooks on the Chinese market

Last October, the news from China surprised the red dot edition: alongside Gucci bags, Rolex wristwatches and brand jeans, the sale of counterfeit yearbooks of the red dot design award seems to have become a profitable business in the Asian market.


The campaign Aktion Plagiarius e.V., which is dedicated to fighting plagiarism, has now presented a special award for the forgery of the "International Yearbook Communication Design 2002/2003" within the framework of the Frankfurt Ambiente trade show. The background is serious since the victims of such forgeries are always those who have invested a lot of time and effort into creating an original of such quality that it becomes worthwhile to be copied. In this case, the editor and publisher avedition are threatened with serious losses due to the product piracy.


The counterfeit came to light only by coincidence. During the Frankfurt book fair, Professor Dr. Peter Zec, editor of the yearbooks, was confronted with an almost identical copy of the yearbook brought along by a visitor from China. "It is really amazing how well they copied our book", Zec said with a smile and demonstrated sportsmanship: "The only clear difference between the original and the duplicate is an integrated ribbon bookmark. – We take that as a suggestion".

Further information about the "Plagiarius": www.plagiarius.de