Collectable figures: Mickey and Minnie Mouse, the Smurfs
Model making from 30 years of the kinder surprise

Exhibition: "kinder surprise" in Frankfurt/Main

In the exhibition "Ü - Das Gelbe vom Ei. 30 Jahre kinder Überraschung" the Museum for Applied Arts in Frankfurt looks back on 30 years of collector items and surprises that can be assembled. There, from April 2 until May 30, 2004, Michele Ferrero's original idea of the chocolate egg that hides its surprise inside a yellow capsule, the product design of the surprises and the collector's structures of Germany can be admired.  


Originally, the chocolate eggs with changing contents were aimed at children. However, professional collectors discovered the kinder surprise - but the exhibition is not an exchange for collectors. The focus is not on the completeness of a collection but rather on an overview and insights into the extent the original marketing idea has grown: today, the kinder surprise is sold in forty countries and the number of surprises has climbed into the thousands.


The models in the yellow capsules reflect the "constructability" of the world in a playful way, but also the cultural influences. Film and pop culture, varieté and circus, fairy tales and myths, natural sciences and games of skill, mechanics and zoology are among the inspirations behind the figures and models included in the kinder surprise. The exhibition of these miniature worlds communicates the extent of collectors' passions for the "yolk of the egg" and the development of a cult object over a period of 30 years.


Most of the objects shown in the exhibition stem from the collection of Thomas Gjøl, Copenhagen. It was compiled in collaboration with Peter Hofrichter, Dinslaken.

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