The new BMW 1 series
Website portal "Prinzip Freude"
Online adventure "Cool Flame - The Game"

BMW 1 Series to Be Launched

Starting in the fall of 2004, BMW will for the first time offer a compact-class car: the BMW 1 series, with five doors and a length of 4.23 meters.


The design of the new model is characterized by a stretched hood, a long wheelbase and short overhang in the front. The low roofline with the classic counter-movement in the C-pillar rounds off the picture. The nose, with classic BMW grillwork and dual headlights, provide the 1 series with its typical look.


Even before the launch of the model, BMW launched the web platform "Prinzip Freude" (principle of elation), which not only offers information about the new model to those who are interested, but also a selection of extra features, among them a part in the new BMW advertising spot, meet & greets with international pop stars, VIP tickets for the gala event presenting the BMW Short Film Award 2004 and an early test drive of the BMW 1 series prior to the market launch. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to participate in events in the sectors sports, lifestyle, film and music and to win prizes. Online games and a broad range of information about the new model round off this offer. In the interactive online adventure "Cool Flame – The Game", the players have to solve tricky tasks.