Timo Sarpaneva/El Rod Opa, More, 1987-1988. Photo: Jean Barbier
Antti Nurmesniemi/Fujitsu, telephone Antti, 1984. Photo: Rauno Träskelin

Exhibition "Made of Plastic" in Helsinki

The Design Museum Helsinki will show the exhibition "Made of Plastic – The History of Plastic in Finnish Design" from April 2 to May 23, 2004. Classics and innovations made of plastic will be exhibited.


The exhibition examines the extent to which plastic has entered our everyday life and drastically changed it, from the foundation of the first Finnish plastic factory in 1921 to the famous design objects of the sixties and seventies, to the employment in the field of modern medicine. The main focus is on design and on distinct design products that were considered hallmarks in the individual epochs.


Designmuseo Helsinki