Painting "Lichtpunkte", 1965
Source of inspiration: illustration from the Journal of Physical Chemistry 65 (Boyd, Lindenbaum, Myers; Fig.1: Selectivity coefficients at 25° for the bromide-ion exchange equilibrium. p. 580)

Exhibition: Margaret Camilla Leiteritz in Frankfurt

The Museum für Angewandte Kunst (Museum for Applied Art) in Frankfurt is presenting an exhibition about the Bauhaus artist and librarian Margaret Camilla Leiteritz from May 13 until September 5, 2004. The exhibition opened on May 12 in the library.


Margaret Camilla Leiteritz's work was hardly known during her lifetime; now it is being presented to the broader public in the museum's library. Born in 1907 in Dresden, Leiteritz trained as a librarian and went to the Bauhaus in Dessau in 1928, where she studied with the painters Kandinsky, Klee and Albers. Among other things, she designed the "Bauhaus wallpaper", which is still produced by the company Rasch to this day.

Margaret Leitzeritz's résumé reflects the fascinating area of conflict between her two professions, artist and librarian. After the war her artistic activities came to a halt while she worked in the library of the gas institute of the Karlsruhe Technical College. The diagrams of the scientific publications she found there inspired her to begin painting again, and she was able to realize the original idea of the Bauhaus: "art and technology – a new unity".

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