Walter Knoll at the Center of Excellence, Sindelfingen, Germany
Line "Jason" at the Reichstag, Berlin, Germany
Assembly room in the Commercial Bank of Dubai with round sofa from the "Lazlo" line
Book "Walter Knoll Projects"

Walter Knoll Projects

Walter Knoll presents a compilation of the most recent interior design projects in the book "Alter Knoll Projects".


Insights into international interiors: the book presents current projects from around the world. For example, the special fabrications for the Commercial Bank of Dubai, UAE: a round sofa of the "Lazlo" line was created for the Majilis, the assembly room for festive events under the glamorous cupola of the building. It offers seating for 40 people.

From totally colorful on the various floors of the "More London", which Walter Knoll designed for the company Ernst & Young in England, to totally clear to match the building of the Aluminium Center in Houten, Netherlands – along with Walter Knoll's products, the buildings, photographed by famous architecture photographers, are also documented. A precise list for each project describes which of Walter Knoll’s products can be found and where they are located.

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