When open, you can't see a door…
…nor when closed
Both doors disappear into the wall
There is a multitude of possibilities when it comes to the material and form for the door wall


Innovative Doors by Welterwall

Welterwall offers doors that completely integrate into the wall with regard to both form and color when closed. In a sense, they become invisible.


A door-wall or a wall-door – the welterwall door functions like a precious book that is put into its case. When open, it disappears into the wall, and when closed it seamlessly integrates into the wall. It completely adapts to the width of the wall thus closing the room without being conspicuous. With respect to material and color, the welterwall is fully integrated into its environment. Two separate door panels, one on each side, fit into the wall and – when closed – expand to match the width of the wall while hardly making a sound. Unlike typical pocket door systems, no tracks are visible since the door is driven pneumatically or, as an option, electronically. Hinges and tracks are not necessary. Therefore, the door can take on almost any shape, for example that of a corporate logo or symbol. The only stipulation is that the wall in which it is installed must have a thickness of at least 30 cm.

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