A new philharmonics hall for Hamburg in the Kaispeicher A, project 2003, computer-generated visualization
University library Cottbus, study of the model 1:20
View of the exhibition at the Schaulager, Basel
Forum 2004 Building and Plaza, Barcelona, Spain, computer-generated visualization

Exhibition: "Herzog & de Meuron" in Basel

Since May 8, 2004, the Schaulager in Basel has been taking a backstage look at the architectural projects of Herzog & de Meuron with the exhibition "Herzog & de Meuron. No. 250 – An Exhibition". A lecture cycle "Architecture as a Stage of Everyday Life" and other events will accompany the exhibition until September 12, 2004.


Here, the development processes – not the finished buildings – stand in the foreground. Numerous drawings, model sketches and models, material samples and mock-ups are on exhibit. The show itself is understood as a project and includes – like every Herzog & de Meuron project – an archive number: 250.

At the center of the exhibition you can, in a sense, glance into the workshop of the architects through the many objects. From the first attempts to the most recent large-scale projects that are still being worked on by the office of Herzog & de Meuron, the projects are revealed; they range from Basel to Beijing and comprise a time period of 25 years. On more than one hundred tables, the "remnants" of the design work are spread out. In addition, there are another five rooms, each of them dedicated to one area of focus: drawing as the origin of the working process, urban planning with examples from projects in China, the collaboration with the artist Rémy Zaugg, the development of the Schaulager and urban studies that clarify the otherwise invisible necessities of the projects. Video sequences of the Swiss artist Zilla Leutenegger, the Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei and the photographer Armin Linke, who lives in Milan, finally show the results of this development process: the existing buildings developed by the architectural office.



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The additional events during the exhibition are announced at www.schaulager.org.