House R 128 Werner Sobek, Stuttgart 1999-2000
Audi tradeshow booth, 1999-2000
Headquarters of Deutsche Post AG, Bonn, 1997-2002

Exhibition: "Show me the Future" in Munich

From May 27 to August 29, 2004 the Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich is showing "Wege in die Zukunft. Engineering und Design von Werner Sobek – Show me the Future. Engineering and Design by Werner Sobek". Sobek integrates cutting-edge technologies from fields as diverse as automobile engineering, aeronautics and aerospace technology into his architecture.


New technologies, constructions and materials that later are applied in buildings throughout the world are developed in Sobek's "Insitute for Lightweight Construction, Design and Engineering" at Stuttgart University and in his office for architecture and engineering. The House R 128 in Stuttgart by Werner Sobek became the archetype for a future form of building and living. The exhibition begins with an insight into this recyclable house that uses no energy, releases no harmful pollutants, is without handles or switches and does without masonry walls. It’s equipped with cutting-edge technology, which in part is taken from the aeronautics and aerospace industries. Sobek's research into the field of support systems, his innovative use of materials like glass, textiles and titanium, and the development of self-adaptive or self-controlled elements are vividly presented and explained through models, workpieces and films. Werner Sobek merges engineered architecture and architectural engineering into a design process of elements on the highest technical and aesthetic level. One of Werner Sobek’s current projects, the House R 129, which is currently being developed and shows new paths into the future of architecture, is also presented.


Accompanying the exhibition, Werner Sobek will be giving a lecture at the Ernst von Siemens Auditorium on June 25, 2004.


Pinakothek der Moderne

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