A suitcase full of materials that guide you through the design department
Suitcase with utensils for a trip through China

Campaign "Suitcase full of Surprises" in Frankfurt

The Museum for Applied Arts in Frankfurt has a special offer for families interested in design: every Sunday, they can borrow the "suitcase full of surprises" and take a graphic tour through the design department of the museum with the assistance of their "luggage".


Hands-on design: special materials samples in the design suitcase are the connecting points to the exhibition. There is, for example, wicker cane (as can be find on Thonet chairs), leather samples and various plastic materials. With these samples in hand you can set out on a search for chairs and other objects in the department that are made of the materials included in the luggage. With pipe cleaners, the outlines of a cantilever chair can be copied, and you can check to see whether and how the principle of free swinging actually functions. Building blocks help trace out the geometrical forms of the "Bel-Air" chair. And those who feel inspired by the famous creations can fill the included sketchbook with their own designs or realize their ideas with Lego bricks or wood blocks.

Families can choose the route of their tour through the design department on their own. They can begin with any element contained within the suitcase and spend as much time as they like with it.

The suitcases are on loan every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. from the museum’s information center free of charge. Suitcases are also available for other departments in the museum. Currently, a total of 8 suitcases are available; the subjects are "Design" (for children aged 8-12), "A Trip to China" (5-10 years) and "Orient" (5-9 years); others with the subjects Middle Ages and Art Nouveau are being prepared.


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