Hob PD75
Cooking center "Opera" with 2 ovens
Oven "Piano" FPD67
Refrigerator FAB28 in the style of the '50s
Hob "Piano" PD75

Kitchen Design by smeg

smeg, the Italian kitchen manufacturer, offers its product range in a variety of design lines which combine classic and, at times, nostalgic forms with innovative technology.


Essential lines and clear design characterize smeg products. The designs, reduced to the essentials, emanate a classic elegance. The Italian kitchen manufacturer always includes renowned architectural offices in the development of its products, for example Piano Design. A design line by the same name presenting gas hobs, ovens and refrigerators is the result of this cooperation. The stand-alone refrigerator FPD34, for example, has totally purist forms while at the same time offering a broad color palette ranging from simple to strong colors.

The cooking centers of the "Opera" line also offer a big range of variations: here, you can select from four different widths, four to six different hobs and one or two different ovens.

Not only classic but also nostalgic forms are included in some products. The refrigerator FAB is available in the '50s design – with a door handle typical of that era, unmistakable. A strong orange has expanded the broad color range for the summer of 2004.


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