Michael Mauer will take over the position of Chief Designer at Porsche by November 1, 2004 the latest
Harm Lagaay has been shaping Porsche design for more than 15 years

New Head of the Design Department at Porsche

Harm Lagaay, the longstanding Chief Designer of Porsche, will be retiring on July 1, 2004. Michael Mauer will be his successor.


Michael Mauer was born on July 28, 1962 in Rotenburg/Fulda. After studying automobile design in Pforzheim, he was first employment by Mercedes-Benz. In 1989 he was appointed Project Manager for the Mercedes V class, and two years later he was responsible for the first generation SLK. In 1995 Mauer became head of department and took over the management of the designs of the A-class, SLK and SL. In 1998 Mauer joined the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio in Tokyo as General Manager. One year later he was appointed head of the design department at MCC Smart GmbH. In June 2000 he joined Saab in Sweden as Executive Director Design. Since March 2003 he has also been responsible for the Advanced Design of General Motors Europe.

The current head of the design department, Harm Lagaay, was born on December 28, 1946, in Den Haag. During his career as an automobile designer he worked, among others, as Design Manager at Ford Werke AG in Cologne and as Chief Designer at BMW Technik GmbH in Munich. Since January 1989 Lagaay has been heading the main department "Style Porsche" in Weissach, which is in charge of the design of all Porsche models and of customer development.

Under his management, the design study and the later design of the Boxster were created; it was launched onto the market in the fall of 1996 and initiated the turnaround of Porsche's financial situation after a number of difficult years. The 911 of the series 996 and the Cayenne also carry his signature. The design of the Carrera GT, which was created under his direction, has been honored with numerous international awards.