Daring designs are also part of Amsterdam's architecture: the "ING House" shaped like a shoe
Bridge "Pythonbrug"
Beurs van Berlage, a center for art, exhibitions and seminars
Dutch design with a wink: "Treetrunk Bench" by Jurgen Bey, Droog Design, 1999
A combination of art deco and Amsterdam School: the Tuschinski Theater
New row houses by the water in Scheepstimmermanstraat

Theme Year "Architecture & Design 2004" in Amsterdam

The Dutch Office for Tourism and Conventions has proclaimed this year’s theme as "Architecture & Design 2004". Numerous excursions, guided tours and exhibitions dealing with monthly themes show the versatility of architecture and design from the Netherlands.


In its architecture, Amsterdam unites classic ‘Gracht’ houses and stunning new buildings. For example, Berlage's Plan Zuid (1915) and buildings from the Amsterdam School (1915-1925) are famous as are new buildings on the islands and KNSM along the south axis ("Zuidas"). During the offered tours, trips, excursions and exhibitions, visitors can explore this diversity. Guided tours also include buildings that are usually closed to the public, such as Beurs van Berlage, the ING buildings Zuidoost and Zuidas as well as the museum "Het Schip". In the coming months, living by and in the water will be a theme. Especially row houses like those built on "Scheepstimmermanstraat", where people were allowed to design and build their houses in accordance with their own taste, or the apartments on Ijburg that are built on seven artificial islands, are part of the attractions. Those interested in architecture can also find special destinations that reflect the discourse between old and new, for example the Tuschinski Theater, which was constructed in 1921 as a luxury movie theater and is a combination of art deco and the Amsterdam School.

Amsterdam is the center of Dutch design, which has the reputation of being simple, pragmatic and usually includes a wink. Designers like Gijs Bakker from Droog Design and Marcel Wanders are internationally renown. Amsterdam also offers a versatile platform for young designers. For design enthusiasts, there are numerous exhibitions in the field of design during the living trade show in Amsterdam from September 28 until October 3, 2004. Starting in August, the Lloyd Hotel, designed by the architectural office MVRDV, will open its doors; it communicates current design and modern architecture and offers events about the subject area of design.

The themes of the past and coming months of the year "Architecture & Design 2004" are:

- March: the Oostelijk Havengebiet: the architecture of the new islands

- April: Amsterdam School 1915 – 1930: architecture as a sculpture

- May: Landscape architecture and gardens

- June: Industrial architecture of the 19th and 20th century

- July: Ijburg: living by the water on the new land

- August: Living by the water in and around the inner city

- September: Design in Amsterdam

- October: Architecture around 1900: art nouveau, art deco and fin de siècle

- November: A new future for old buildings

- December: Old and new: provoking architecture in the old town

The Dutch Offices for Tourism & Convention of various countries offer information materials and guided tours in the appropriate language. Further information about the theme year at

www.amsterdamarchitecture.nl. Information about getting there, accommodations and more at www.holland.com.