Poster for the Summer Design Institute 2004, design by Seymour Chwast
Instructors and designers collaborate in intensive workshops
The Summer Design Institute takes place for the 10th time this year
How does design help me during classes, how can students be enthused? These questions will be discussed during the Summer Design Institute

Summer Design Institute in New York

The Summer Design Institute will take place in New York, USA, from July 12-16, 2004. It is organized by Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. Instructors and students are invited to learn and develop strategies for attracting students' interest in and enthusiasm for design processes.


Looking beyond the constraints of the curriculum, the goal of the workshops, lectures, studio visits and seminars during the week is to establish a connection with the world outside the classroom. The following themes will be elaborated: how does one promote innovation, critical thinking, pictorial thinking and solution strategies in an interdisciplinary way in the classroom? How can architecture and graphic, product and media design support and improve the teaching of mathematics, natural sciences, languages and history? Among the lecturers are:

- Kurt Andersen, author, design critic and radio moderator of "Studio 360", guest curator at the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum

- Ellen Lupton, curator for contemporary design, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, Smithsonian Institution

- Linda Yaven, professor, graduate design and ethnic studies, California College of the Arts

- Seymour Chwast, co-founder Push Pin Studios, director of the Pushpin Group, designer, poster of the Summer Design Institute 2004

- John Maeda, MIT Media Lab

- Ralph Caplan, author "By Design"

- William McDonough, head of the school, William McDonough and Partners

- Phil Frei, IDEO


The Summer Design Institute offers a week of lectures, workshops and activities (option A) and, alternatively, the three-day project "A City of Neighborhoods" (option B), where the concept for an urban design project will be developed. Here, the goal is also building a bridge between the school and the world outside: how does one get students interested in co-designing their own neighborhood and community? This year, the High Line, a railroad line on Manhattan's West Side, will be the object of exploration and innovative ideas.


The Summer Design Institute takes place at


The Museum of the American Indian

Smithsonian Institution

One Bowling Green

New York City



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