"Mountain Goat", design: Søren Gregers Nielsen, manufacturer: Sögreni
"Leitra", design: CG Rasmussen, manufacturer: Leitra
"Biolove", design: Ross Lovegrove, manufacturer: Biomega
"Camp-let", design: Mogens Thorbjørn Holm, prototype
"Light 2000", design: Lars Engström, manufacturer: Christiania Bikes
"MNO1", design: Marc Newson, manufacturer: Biomega

Exhibition: "Dreams on Wheels" in Copenhagen

The Dansk Design Center in Copenhagen is presenting the exhibition "Dreams on Wheels" until August 15, 2004: bicycles made in Denmark that have long ceased being merely a means of transportation but have become expressions of a lifestyle.


A piece of Danish culture: bicycles are part of the tradition and everyday life in Denmark – so much so that bicycle design and technology from Denmark are trendsetters worldwide.

The exhibition examines various aspects of Danish biking culture: design, ergonomics, technology and urban development. The bicycle is presented as a means of transportation as well as an expression of a lifestyle. Whether due to respect for the environment, as an expression of one's own personality or as a preferred means of mobility, the exhibition demonstrates the results of the various approaches. Innovative, clever and surprising bicycles have been created in the process: the "mountain goat" mountain bike, for example, is a design with animal characteristics that turns a fully covered three-wheel bike into a comfortable means of transportation in the winter. The prototype "Camp-let" becomes an ideal companion for camping tours. The film "Bicycle culture in Denmark" by Henry Ljungquist offers a personal view of the influence of the bike and a world map with famous biking cities outside of Denmark shows interesting holiday destinations for bicyclists.


More information at www.ddc.dk.


Danish Design Center / Dansk Design Center

H C Andersens Boulevard 27

1553 Copenhagen