Michael Graves turns 70 on July 9, 2004
Engineering Research Center, University of Cincinnati, USA
Teapot, milk can and sugar bowl by Alessi
Coffee and teapot by Alessi


Happy Birthday, Michael Graves!

The architect and designer Michael Graves is celebrating his 70th birthday today.


After studying architecture at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio (USA), he finished his training in 1959 at the Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Since 1972, he has been a professor for architecture at Princeton University, New Jersey. In 1964, Michael Graves opened his own architectural office. In 1969, he became known through an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in which he showed his work alongside Peter Eisenman, Charles Gwathmey, John Hejduk and Richard Meier. That same year, his book "Five Architects" was published. He soon separated from the strictly modern clarity of the other architects of this group and began to design buildings with a post-modern attitude. He questioned classic modern design elements. His designs became colorful and full of stylistic citations. In 1980 he started working with Alessi. Household products like the famous teapot and the architectural coffee pot resulted from their cooperation.