Mercedes-Benz Center Berlin
Mercedes-Benz Center Munich
Visionary design: the brand gallery of a Mercedes-Benz Center
Exhibitions about mobility issues in the broadest sense are aimed at appealing to new customers

Auto Dealership Architecture by DaimlerChrysler

Mercedes-Benz Centers are setting new standards in auto dealership architecture. The outstanding buildings with an attractive overall design will increase the ability of the company to communicate the Mercedes-Benz brand.


The centers have a generous design and innovative architecture. They are not only sales and service centers but should also become places for new experiences for both existing and potential customers. The centers are spacious enough for events. After the launch of the Mercedes-Benz Center at Salzufer in Berlin in the summer of 2000, the center in Munich was opened in June 2003. Other centers are currently being built in Stuttgart and Cologne. With projects in Paris, Milan and London, Mercedes-Benz will continue the brand offensive in the coming years. Centers in Singapore and Beijing are also being planned.

The key recognition element in the brand architecture of the Mercedes-Benz centers is the brand gallery. The auto dealerships offer a mix of information and experience: the exhibitions in the brand gallery are intended to attract a variety of target groups. Exhibitions about motor sports, heritage, security, innovation, technology and design are planned to appeal to new customer groups. Pilot projects in Berlin and Munich proved that the exhibitions led to an increase in the number of visitors.