The greenhouse combines exclusive aesthetics with cutting-edge technology
A house inside the house: roof, side entrances and glass front form a stage for the plants
A stainless steel pedestal is available for the greenhouse

Greenhouse by Smeg

Smeg, the household appliance manufacturer, has developed an in-home greenhouse in cooperation with the architectural office Piano Design.


For plant lovers who lack a garden or balcony, the greenhouse offers an opportunity to provide plants with a home of their own. Due to its design, it becomes a house within the house, characterized by clear lines and an exclusive aesthetic. The materials – glass and stainless steel – form a discrete setting that allows the plants to remain in the foreground.

Herbs, cacti, green and flowering plants can be grown in pots. Temperature, humidity and light sensors ensure the necessary climate. By means of a special function, the soil in the pots can be warmed, which, for example, promotes the root growth of seedlings. The greenhouse can be placed on any base or on a stainless steel pedestal. Vittorio Bertazzoni, Vice President of Smeg, describes the new product as a small treasure chest. Matteo Piano from the architectural office Piano Design says about the concept: "We have imagined a vivid picture, an intelligent interior design object for your own home. The technology is aimed at the well-being of the plants, and the simple design emphasizes their beauty".