The new iPod family: the iPod mini has also been available in Germany since early July
Sought-after consumer product: the iPod and the new iPod mini
High popularity: PowerBook in 12-, 15- and 17-inch versions
Apple expects an additional increase in profits and revenue in the coming quarter

Success through Design: Apple

Apple has more than tripled its quarterly profits. Outstanding design makes Apple computers sought-after consumer products and therefore a decisive factor for the bottom line results. The Apple design team was awarded as red dot: design team of the year in 2002. You can read our report about the Apple Industrial Design Team on these pages.


Sales of iPod MP3 players and the iBook and PowerBook laptop computers contributed, above all, to the soaring profits: with more than 807,000 iPods shipped, sales are 10 times greater compared with the same period last year and were also higher than in the final quarter of 2003, which included holiday sales. The number of shipped computers increased by five percent to 749,000. High product quality combined with an exclusive formal language – these factors produced the strong results. For the current third quarter Apple forecasts continued growth with more than 10 percent increase in profits and revenue. It would be the fourth subsequent quarter with such a high growth rate.


"It has been an excellent quarter – the highest third-quarter revenue in the past eight years," said Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple. " Our Mac-based revenue has increased by a healthy 19 percent, and our music-based revenue grew an incredible 162 percent. We have an extremely strong product portfolio, and over the course of the year a number of fantastic innovations will be added".