The Grand Sports Tourer combines various automobile concepts, like limousine and SUV
Grand Sports Tourer Chief Designer, Steve Mattin
From the sketch to the finished car: the design special offers an insight into the work of the design team

Design Special about the Mercedes Benz Grand Sports Tourer

As a campaign for the market launch of the Grand Sports Tourer next year, Mercedes Benz has conceived a web special: the first of the website’s four central themes is the design of the new automobile.


Under the motto "Experience the Grand Sports Tourer" Mercedes Benz offers an insight into the development process of the car. The individual themes – design, space, comfort and performance – are illustrated with special documentaries. The design will be at the center of attention until fall: where do designers get their ideas? Which forms and functions inspire them? You can watch the GST Chief Designer Steve Mattin and Graft, the renowned team of architects, doing their work. Daimler-Chrysler has intentionally asked experts from various non-automobile sectors for their support with the focal themes: Graft has made a name for itself in Hollywood with the design of hotels and backdrops for music videos. Since the GST combines various automobile concepts (limousines, vans, sports car and SUVs) the assistance from other disciplines was essential for the design innovation. "In order to create an innovative automobile like the Grand Sports Tourer you need to look at things from a new perspective," said Chief Designer Steve Mattin.


You can find the web special right here: