View of the exhibition. Design: Olgoj Chorchoj (Jan Nemeczek, Barbora Vlckova), Prague. Photo: Alexander Laurenzo
Advertising brochures of the company Addo-x, 1956-1959. Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, New York
Tea set made of heat-resistant glass, 1931. Museum for Arts and Crafts, Prague
Porcelain set with red edge, 1929-1932. Museum for Arts and Crafts, Prague
Elephant, c. 1930. Museum for Arts and Crafts, Prague

Exhibition: Ladislav Sutnar in Nuremberg

The Neues Museum Nuremberg presents the exhibition "Ladislav Sutnar: Designer between two Worlds" until September 19, 2004. Sutnar, who is among the pioneers of modern graphic design, lived in Prague and New York.


Ladislav Sutnar (1897 Pilsen – 1976 New York) is currently being rediscovered as one of the protagonists of modernism. The retrospective shows the broad spectrum of his designs, from toys and book covers to dishes and graphic design. Geometric forms, dynamic elements, signal colors and a clear hierarchy of information characterize his style.

Before World War II, Sutnar influenced the lifestyle of large circles among the populace in Czechoslovakia, characterized by open-mindedness for the avant-garde, with his designs for toys and theater, book covers and magazines, glasses, tea sets and cutlery. His reformist ideals and his design approach originated in Russian constructivism, De Stijl and Bauhaus. With his repeatedly awarded exhibition designs, Sutnar left his mark on the image of modern Czechoslovakia as seen from abroad. In 1939, he emigrated to the United States. There, his works in the field of graphic design created the basis of modern visual communication, from corporate design to information design. Young generations of designers are again being inspired today by Ladislav Sutnar's style. The design of the retrospective, for example, was made by architects of the Prague studio Olgoj Chorchoj, an internationally renowned Czech team.


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