Professor Hannes Wettstein, Zurich

International Design Forum Ulm

The architect and designer Professor Hannes Wettstein (Zurich) will give a lecture about the subject "Unschärfe – Blur" on September 16, 2004 at the Stadthaus Ulm. You are invited to participate in this evening event organized by the International Design Forum Ulm (Internationales Forum für Gestaltung, IFG).


In the past, the IFG organized a public event about a specific subject in the days following the traditional evening event. In 2004, the advisory board of the IFG has set itself the goal to optimize the IFG in the future as a medium of knowledge channeling. Therefore, there will be a restatement and positioning in the form of a conference, which will be closed to the public. Selected experts of the international architecture, design and cultural studies scene have been invited for a discussion round. Where do the participants see their discipline being in the future? Which objects and themes will shape the agenda of the architects and designers in the next few years? These issues and visions will be discussed in a small discussion round. From the insights, the advisory board will develop a long-term cycle of subjects that will be worked on by the IFG starting in 2005.