CD-ROM "Elemotion" by Lenka Blazejová, Czech Republic, 2003
Book cover "The tale of dwarfs and lankier" by Reza Abedini, Iran, 2002
Website by Lichtwitz – Büro für visuelle Kommunikation, Austria 2003
Book by Barbieri + Bucher Gestaltung text Bild, Switzerland, 2002
Magazine "Idea" by Fumio Tachibana, Japan, 2000

International Graphic Design Biennial in Brno, Czech Republic

The exhibition of the Graphic Design Biennial in Brno, Czech Republic, is presenting the most recent international movements in the field of graphic design until October 24, 2004.


The jury selected the most recent trends from about 2,000 submissions. The exhibition shows 280 works from 26 countries thus presenting the latest developments worldwide as well as future trends in graphic design. Further events will take place within the framework of the exhibition. During a symposium, new perspectives in the field of graphic design were discussed: "New Perspectives of Design in the Digital Age".


The Biennale was called into life in 1963 and is thus one of the oldest events of its kind worldwide. It takes place in Brno, the second-largest city in the Czech Republic, and takes place every two years, alternating between two different themes: posters, corporate identity and advertising art form one focus, the other is graphic design and typography in books, magazines, newspapers and new media. Famous designers and new talents can submit their works.


More information at:

Brno Biennale – Exhibition until October 24, 2004

Moravian Gallery in Brno

Husova 18

CZ-662 26 Brno

Czech Republic


T: +420 532 169 160

F: +420 532 169 180

E-mail: bienale(at)