"Elforia of Light"
"Wash down"

Grohe exhibition at red dot design museum in Essen

Design perspectives from Ukraine

The exhibits of Ukrainian designers on display at red dot design museum in Essen from September 10 to 19, 2004 show new perspectives of dealing with water. Grohe, the German sanitary manufacturer, has been instrumental in arranging this special exhibition with a view to promoting the intercultural exchange with Eastern European designers.


The 19 exhibits represent a selection of award-winning works from the annual “Water Parade” exhibition initiated and organised by Ukrainian wholesaler Vlada-Promtex. This year, more than 100 entries were received for the exhibition.

As a global player constantly exposed to all facets of design to be found all over the world, Grohe regularly encounters new ideas that do not receive the attention they deserve. In the context of the special exhibition at red dot design museum, the German manufacturer of fittings and sanitary systems offers an open-minded audience new insights into creative projects thought up in Ukraine.

“Elforia of Light”, “Ghost” and “Wash down” are only some of the illustrious names of the exhibits. “Ghost”, for instance, is a piece of bathroom furniture designed by Elena Kudinova, who was born in Murmansk in 1958. The washbasin, the mirror and the towel holder are all concealed in a wooden cabinet and invisible when not in use. The functional wooden panelling makes the object look like a simple material container. The contents is revealed only once the cabinet is opened. “Elforia of Light” is a very playful approach to the topic of water, showing washbasins disguised as flowers and faucets in the form of insects. The work of Nikolai Sokolov, on the other hand, uses a very surprising material - his “Wash down!” is a leather-clad toilet.

Grohe first showed the exhibits to a larger audience at this year’s “Salone del Mobile” in Milan.