New European Competition: 'Design for All' and 'Assistive Technology'

The first ever competition for a Design for All and Assistive Technology award has just been launched by the European Commission and will take place in November 2004 with entries being accepted from designers, engineers, design students and companies from all over Europe.


A professional Jury from the European Commission, the European Disability Forum and experts from the Design for All and Assistive Technology sector will judge and decide the eventual winners of the Design for All and Assistive Technology Awards. A member of the Jury is Prof. Dr. Peter Zec, President of the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen which supports the project actively and President-Elect of the world umbrella organisation of design ICSID.

The relatively new concept Design for All in design is understood in a broad sense as the design of mainstream products and services to be accessible by as broad a range of users as possible. Classic examples following the Design for All principle include the electronic tin opener, power steering in cars and subtitles on television programmes.

Assistive Technology is understood as any product, instrument, equipment, technical system or technology based service, especially produced or generally available that can be used to maintain, enhance, or improve the functional capabilities of persons with disabilities.

Closing date for receipt of entries is September 15, 2004 and there is no entry fee.

For more information on how to enter, please consult the website:

You can download the leaflet here .