Roth-Händle naturrein. 1959
Libella mit Schuß. 1959
Dupuis Fils. Around 1962
Zuerst T2. 1963

Exhibition: Michael Engelmann in Berlin

The Kunstbibliothek Berlin will exhibit the work of the graphic designer Michael Engelmann from August 13 until October 24, 2004. Engelmann wrote a part of German advertising history above all with his posters for the cigarette brand Roth-Händle.


Michael Engelmann (1928 - 1966) came to advertising as an autodidact. Trained through the American practice of advertising, he set himself the task to change the world of advertising during the 1950s through a strictly conceptual way of working. Up to that point in time the industry had mainly pitched itself in a respectable way. Engelmann created an unmistakable pictorial language and assigned photography to its place in advertising. Different from the widespread anecdotes in advertising, he used a striking pictorial language of radical clarity and an enormous immediacy. Reduced colors, simple texts in a factual typography and a sense for wordplay characterize his work.

Engelmann, who created the advertisements for Roth-Händle from 1955 until his death, contributed to the popularization of the cigarette brand and thus advanced to the status of cult graphic designer. He also designed campaigns for Bols, Libella, T2, Pirelli and Renault.

The Kunstbibliothek for the first time presents a comprehensive retrospective, which – alongside posters – also includes photographs, photographic designs and advertisement prints.


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Opening of the exhibition:

August 12, 2004, 6 p.m., Kulturforum am Potsdamer Platz




Matthäikirchplatz 6

D - 10785 Berlin – Tiergarten