The new brochure "USM live" is now available at no cost
The strict linearity of the USM furniture systems in the library of the Museo di arte moderna e conetemporanea di Rovereto e Trento (MART) in Italy…
…forms an optimal contrast to the architecture of the museum, which is inspired by classicism
The USM furniture systems have epitomized timeless design worldwide for almost 40 years

New Brochure "USM live" by USM Möbelbausysteme

The magazine "live" presents the use of the USM furniture systems through examples in the high-end contract furniture market and private sector. The elegant systems complement the high-quality architecture in an ideal way.


From the bookstore and library of the Museum for Modern and Contemporary Art in Rovereto and Trento (Italy) to the accommodations of Roche Netherlands in Woerden (Holland) and the Strellson AG in Kreuzlingen (Switzerland): USM furnishes buildings internationally. The magazine introduces the building of each client, explains the choice of the appropriate furniture system and documents the successful interior design and architecture with numerous photographs.

The USM furniture system was launched onto the market almost forty years ago and has come to epitomize timeless design throughout the world. The sphere stands at the center of the system. It functions as a central connecting element for steel tubes and casing elements in different designs. Individual furniture structures are planned and assembled from the basic elements: tubes and connecting spheres. The compartments that are thus created can be organized according to the user's requirements and design preferences. The system thus becomes custom-tailored furniture that can be expanded, converted and reused at any time; thus it optimally adjusts to the style of each user.

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