Panorama lamps by Sabine Gabor
Sabine Seifert, project manager and designer, with her KROKO pocketbook collections
FLUIDS pillows, design Eva Vorkoeper
Furniture program ROLLI by Claudia Santiago-Areal

Special Show "Love Affair" at the Tendence Lifestyle, Frankfurt

The female designers of the Designerinnen Forum present their most recent designs and favorite pieces from August 27-31, 2004. This special show, titled "Love Affair", takes place within the framework of the Tendence Lifestyle in Frankfurt.


A personal statement from each designer about the subjects ‘love’ and ‘design’ accompanies the exhibit of the special show. Pocketbooks, pillows, furniture, lamps, illustrations and sketches, glass bowls and party skewers, glass vases and entire dining cultures can be seen. Some of the female designers experiment with infidelity by stepping into a different design discipline in the "Love Affair": fashion designer Eva Vorkoeper designed the pillows "Fluids", industrial designer Phoebe Helmhold was inspired by architecture in the creation of her dining cultures. Sabine Seifert, project manager of the trade show design, also wants to seduce professional purchasers: with various interactive campaigns, the designers invite them to take an excursion into "female" design.

The association Designerinnen Forum e.V. was founded in 1992; currently it consists of about 180 women. The goal of the association is to establish effective international contacts for female designers. The network comprises designers from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and brokers orders from Europe and abroad to the members of the forum.

The designers at the Tendence Lifestyle are:

- Sybs Bauer, product and graphic designer

- Carola Engles, product and graphic designer

- Sabine Gabor, industrial designer, product development for interiors, interior design

- Phoebe Helmhold: industrial designer

- Ute Helmhold, graphic designer, communication designer

- Katrin Laville, product designer

- Britta Lüpke, product and color designer

- Claudia Santiago Areal: interior designer, product designer

- Sabine Seiert, designer

- Eva Vorkoeper, fashion designer

- Claudia Christl , WILKENS & SÖHNE


"Love Affair"

August 27-31, 2004

Hall 6.1, Booth E41