This year, everything revolves around The Politics of Design at the symposium of the Design History Society

"Politics of Design" Conference in Belfast

The annual conference of the Design History Society will take place in Belfast, Northern Ireland this year. From September 9-11. 2004 everything will revolve around "The Politics of Design".


Politics will be discussed in the broadest sense, from the politics of big companies to personal political motivations. The areas of observation will range from the history of design and design criticism to design theory and practice. Experts from a variety of disciplines will come together in Belfast: historians, anthropologists, sociologists, design critics, curators and designers from all corners of the world.

The topics of the symposium:

Identity Politics

Politics of the everyday

Propaganda and design

Sustainability and eco-design

Designing national and regional identities


Plenum discussion:

The politics of designing for the 21st century


You can find further information on the pages of the faculty for art and design at the University of Ulster. Should you have any questions, please contact politicsofdesign(at)


Conference of the Design History Society

"The Politics of Design:

History, theory, criticism and practice"

University of Ulster at Belfast

September 9-11, 2004