"Option" is a contemporary concept for individual living
"Four large windows characterize the outside of the cube and provide it with a sculptural look", says architect Peter C. Jakob
The beech wood furnishing consistently contributes to the beautiful and functional design


Modular House Concept "Option" from WeberHaus

Whether holiday getaway, studio or living and working space – the two-story building "Option" from WeberHaus can be used in many different ways and optimally uses every square inch of floor space.


"Option" is affordable, adjusts to the needs of its users depending on the ground plan and, through its understated, modern architecture, has a sculptural appearance. In brief: a contemporary house for living and working that meets with individual standards.

Four generous windows provide the cube with the necessary natural light. The design of the 70 square meters is consistent and reduced, functional and object-like. The two-story cube offers living and dining room, hallway and complete kitchen including a stove and refrigerator, a fully equipped bath with a tub, a gallery and, separated by a sliding wall, two rooms for sleeping and working. Upon request, options like an awning or terrace are available. In addition to the basic version, ground plan variants like an L- or U-shape with an inner atrium are possible. The modular concept and the rational construction allow for later extensions without any problems. Generous insulation provides "Option" with a comfortable interior climate. A wood burning stove and electric heaters in the kitchen and bathroom make worries about climbing gas and oil prices unnecessary: the solution of energy-conserving heating without fossil fuels is both friendly to your wallet and to the environment.

A modern interior design concept with purist architecture: the concept of the modular house was developed within the framework of the Swiss promotion program Holz 2000 (Wood 2000) by the renowned Swiss architectural office bauart under the name "smallhouse". WeberHaus has added more variants to "Option" and markets and produces the original living cube.