A red dot: best of the best as well as the LANXESS prize went to the design concept ‚United Bottle` by Instant Architects from Switzerland
Shelter made of UNITED_BOTTLES


Wanted: creative ideas for UNITED_BOTTLE!

The team of Instant Architects from Switzerland developed “UNITED_BOTTLE”, a novel concept that implements used water bottles as a building material in crisis regions such as refugee camps. The concept is to withdraw the PET bottles from their usual recycling cycle and to deliver them to a crisis region upon demand. With this outstanding design concept Instant Architects have been particularly successful in the red dot award: design concept 2007. They received the red dot: best of the best award as well as the LANXESS prize. Worth 7,500 US$ and sponsored by the chemical corporation LANXESS, it was awarded for the first time and is to support the implementation of the design concept. Now, Instant Architects wants you to find uses for UNITED_BOTTLE.


Both, the primary use - water bottle – and secondary use - building material - determine this bottle’s design. The final design of the bottle is reliant on understanding the processes of production as well as the processes of appropriation of users and re-users. Better than a single designer, a network of potential users can formulate the design parameters. Thus, INSTANT Architects invite you - producers and distributors, friends and colleagues, designers and architects - to test UNITED_BOTTLE.

The best input will be selected to be featured in the UNITED_BOTTLE PARTICIPATE! exhibition at the Van Alen Institute, New York, in March/April 2008.

In the link below, you will find necessary basic information and data on UNITED_BOTTLE. The model data of UNITED_BOTTLE is a simplified version of the original that will be easier to handle in terms of size and complexity. In case you need additional material, feel free to contact INSTANT Architects anytime.

Send in your input - be it a design project, images, an essay, a manual or diagram that inform the design parameters or potentials.


February 15th.


1 to 2 DIN A2 prints, in the following formats: tiff, jpeg, pdf, word, or eps.

Files you need

united_bottle.zip (right click and save file to download)