The Product Design competition has existed since 1955. Its award, the Red Dot, is an internationally recognised quality seal. The best products receive the Red Dot: Best of the Best award.

» Red Dot Award: Product Design

The competition for Design Concepts and prototypes is held annually in Singapore. The highest award for the best of all concepts is the Red Dot: Luminary which includes prize money of SGD 5,000.

» Red Dot Award: Design Concept

The Red Dot Award: Communication Design is geared to agencies, designers and companies from around the world. The best piece of work in a category receives the top award “Red Dot: Grand Prix”.

» Red Dot Award: Communication Design


Thursday, 14 June 2018

“The Value of Simplicity”: Red Dot Projects presents design exhibition in Beijing

From 27 until 30 September 2018, Red Dot Projects Singapore presents a new exhibition in China: “The Value of Simplicity – Good Design for a better Quality of Life” will be on show in the course of the exhibition and trade fair “2018 Beijing International Home Decoration and Smart Home Exhibition & International Design Expo” (BIHD 2018). Visitors to the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing can look forward to around 250 exhibits, among them furniture, writing instruments and consumer electronics, which illustrate the principle of simplicity in design and demonstrate the differences between historicism and modernity, craftsmanship and industry. More

Monday, 11 June 2018

Red Dot pays tribute to the best designers and manufacturers of the year: award ceremony, exhibition launch and after-show party on 9 July

All of the big names in the global design scene will convene on the red carpet in Essen on 9 July 2018. On that date, Red Dot will be paying tribute to the best designers and manufacturers of the year, the award winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018. During the glamorous Red Dot Gala, the laureates of the Red Dot: Best of the Best will accept their trophies on stage at Essen’s Opera House. Afterwards, there will be ample opportunity for networking, dancing and celebrating at the Designers’ Night. More

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Long live print – communication design hot off the press

The Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2018 is in full swing. Designers, agencies and companies from all over the world can submit their works and projects in the international competition only until 15 June. In a total of17 categories, they can put their accomplishments to the test. One of them is “Publishing & Print Media”. Participants have the opportunity to submit books, calendars, magazines and other printed products. Despite the progressive digitalisation, printed publications are still very important. More

Friday, 1 June 2018

The tone of success: Red Dot awarded sound design

All those who have ever watched TV without sound know that the tone is essential for its effect. A romantic movie scene without the corresponding music or “Jaws” without its world-famous soundtrack? The impression would be totally different. Whether in blockbusters, radio spots, advertising or with regard to products, sound design makes an indispensable contribution to success on the market. More

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Final sprint for communication design: register for the Red Dot Award before 15 June

The last phase for taking part in the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2018 has started. Agencies, designers and companies only have until 15 June 2018 to submit their advertising campaigns, sound designs, online projects, packaging, corporate designs and other creative achievements in the international competition. That is the last chance for “Latecomers” to enter the competition to win a Red Dot distinction, the globally recognised seal of quality for good design and creativity. More

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Brand staging at the highest level: awarded fair stands

Being present at a trade fair is often a key component of a corporate communication. To make full use of their potential, companies avail themselves of thought-out design ideas for their booths. The design has to be attractive, should stay in mind and fit the own brand. The winners of the Red Dot Award: Communication Design show how successful brand staging at a fair can look like. Individual exhibition elements, stands and booths as well as live performances can convince the jury in the category “Fair Stands”. More

Thursday, 24 May 2018

The use of innovative, sustainable materials in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018

Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in product development. More and more designers opt for recycled materials to save resources and energy. In this year’s Red Dot Award: Product Design, the companies proved that repurposed materials can be used to manufacture excellent products which are modern, visually appealing and intelligently designed. More

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

“Made in Germany” – award-winning communication design

The label “Made in Germany” was introduced at the end of the 19th century. It was meant to preserve British consumers from allegedly inferior products and copies from Germany. The designation of origin advanced to become a quality seal which is appreciated worldwide today. Design “made in Germany” is well-known for its high quality as well as for setting new standards in formgiving on the international stage. But German design does not only stand for premium engineers’ work and quality products, but also for excellent communication design. More

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Title of honour for outstanding design performance – Phoenix Design is Red Dot: Design Team of the Year 2018

This year’s title of honour “Red Dot: Design Team of the Year” goes to Phoenix Design with its teams in Stuttgart, Munich and Shanghai. Founded in 1987 by Andreas Haug and Tom Schönherr, the interdisciplinary team with its international gearing has been especially convincing with its consistently innovative, top-notch design achievements. On 9 July 2018, the Phoenix Design Team will be officially awarded the title at the Red Dot Gala and will receive the “Radius” trophy on stage at Essen’s Aalto-Theater. More

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Scoring double points: successful with innovative products and convincing communication design

Strong brands are built on innovative products. The winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2018 regularly prove this. But in order to expand the economic success in the long term, they additionally invest in communication that appeals to customers and builds a long-term relationship. The results of the Red Dot Award: Communication Design regularly demonstrate how to design excellent communication. Among the laureates are renowned national and international companies, such as Audi, 3M and IKEA. More